In the fall semester, a course, Quantum Information Processing, will be taught in the computer science department by Ivan Damgård, Peter Høyer and Louis Salvail. This will serve as an introduction to the field.

A course on Special Topics in Modern Optics is offered by Eugene Polzik, and a course on theoretical Quantum Optics is offered by Klaus Mølmer in the fall semester. In the spring semester, a course on Physics with cold atoms and ions will be taught by Michael Drewsen and Klaus Mølmer.

Related experimental works are carried out in the laboratory of quantum optics of the physics department. There you can find last updates about experiments in progress.

In January 98, BRICS organized the workshop AQIP 98, devoted to the computer science aspects of quantum information processing. 28 leading researchers gave invited talks at the workshop. Titles and abstracts of the talks given can be found on the AQIP 98 web site.

AQIP 99 will be held at DePaul University in Chicago.